Information about Remington:

  • Remington began manufacturing guns in 1816 but would not enter the pocket knife market for another 100 years!
  • Most early Remington pocket knives feature UMC inside the circle stamp.  This resulted from the merger of Remington Arms Co and the Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
  • Remington was a major manufacturer of bayonets in WWI, eventually leading them into the pocket knife market (1920).
  • The DuPont Company purchased a majority stake in Remington in 1933.
  • Eventually the company was sold to Pal Cutlery Co around 1940.
  • The last digit of pattern number denotes the handle material (ex. 3 = bone, 4 = pearl, 6 = stag, etc.)
  • Some of the Most sought after Remington Pocket Knives are the 1920s “Bullet” knives.  They featured a nickel silver bullet shield and jigged bone and genuine stag handles. Some are featured below:

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