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Why do you love collecting old pocket knives?  I enjoy the hobby for many reasons, including the fact that they are functional, fun to look at, can open and close, and they have very interesting stories.  If these knives could talk, what would have have “seen” during their lives.  Many have sentimental value and have been handed down from generation to generation whereas others were put away in a drawer and lost track of over time.  The handle material provide great interest, whether bone, genuine stag, mother of pearl, wood, or celluloid.  Different shaped blades performed different functions, whether clip, spear, spey or others.  Even the nail pulls, bolsters and different shields provide interest!  Many of the pocket knife manufacturers in the United States were started by those who came from Sheffield, England in the mid 1800s.  Some of the first manufactures of antique pocket knives included Waterville Cutlery Co, Holley Mfg Co, Nothfield Knife co and more.  Eventually, other manufactures in the early 1900’s came to dominate such as W.R. Case, Remington, Winchester, Western States, Robeson Cut Co, Schrade Cut Co, and many more!  Antique pocket knives can be found in many patterns including the whittler, barlow, coke bottle, congress, gunstock and many more interesting shapes.

Collecting old pocket knives has retained its popularity as other trends have come and gone.  I hope you enjoy using the website and utilize the many different brands and patterns that are currently available for sale!  Happy Collecting!