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These pages feature hand selected vintage pocket knives, hunting knives and other custom straight knives.  My goal is to save you time and help you find the good stuff!  Check back often as these pages are updated daily.  Please start your daily visit to eBay here!  Thank you and happy collecting.

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Why Collect Vintage Knives?

Pocket knives often have a nostalgic connection to our lives.  Many people, including myself, received pocket knives from family members when they were young.  The fact that they came with a warning from relatives of having sharp blades let us know these objects were important!  As we grew up, we realized that they were useful tools that assisted us in our daily lives.  Many collectors appreciate the historical value of old knives; thinking about an antique Sheffield Bowie Knife on the American frontier or an old stag handled rope knife that may have been used during the Spanish- American War or during WWII.  Collectors also appreciate the different features on a knife; including handle materials, patterns and different blade types.  Others appreciate the way the blades snap open and shut, sometimes with so much authority they are likened to a bear trap!  Vintage knives have retained and in most cases, risen in value.  I take comfort in knowing that I can sell most of the knives in my collection for a higher price than I paid.  Whereas most things we purchase in life depreciate, our old knives have not!

Where to Buy Vintage Pocket & Hunting Knives?

Old pocket knives can be found in many different places.  If you enjoy going out and hunting for treasures, they can be found at gun and knife shows, flea markets, antique shows, local auctions and even garage and estate sales.  Today, you can add to your collection from the comfort of your home while scouring online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, LiveAuctioneers, Proxibid and other auction sites.   There are truly more ways to acquire vintage knives today than at any other time.  My website will certainly assist you in finding some great new additions for your collection!

Which Old Knives Should I Collect?

Whatever floats your boat!   Some collectors look for certain makers such as Case, Remington, or KA-BAR while others focus on a region of manufacture such as early New England brands like Waterville, Holley or Empire.  Some collectors seek out specific knife patterns such as barlows, whittlers, trappers or the popular elephant toe.  Other collectors look for a specific handle material that they enjoy like jigged bone, genuine stag, mother of pearl or celluloid.  As time goes on, many collectors become interested in different types of knives and shift their focus.  Some bounce back to things they collected many years ago.  The point is, whatever you enjoy right now is what you should collect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  I sell and ship the knives that are listed under the My Shop section of this website.  In addition, I sell knives directly from my eBay store (Oldstuff79) which I have run for 20+ years.

No.  The knives that are listed on my site are the “best of eBay.”  These knives are current listings that I think collectors would be most interested in.  For example, I select the knives found on the Rare Knives page and I believe they would be very nice additions to your (or my) collection.  The knives that are listed under the Auctions page have many bids, indicating they are of high collector interest.  This usually means these knives are the “cream of the crop.”

The main goal of this website is to create a space that shares the information about collecting pocket knives that I have gained in 20+ years.  In addition, I wanted to help collectors, from new to experienced, find more knives for their collection.

Yes.  I purchase large and small collections of knives from all over the United States.  I also pay for shipping.  Please get a hold of me on my Contact page or you can email me directly at oldpocketknives@gmail.com.  Let me know what you have!