Tony Bose was a master cutler who focuses on making high quality, traditional pocket knives.  Looking at his knives you can tell he has a love for the old stuff; the Eureka Jacks, the Stockmans and the Wharncliffe Whittlers.  His knives have improved on these old patterns, displaying superior craftsmanship and materials.  Tony began making knives in the 1970’s and dedicated his career full time to this endeavor in 1990.  In 1998, Tony began his work as a collaborator with W.R. Case & Sons.  He has mentored many others in the art of knife-making, including his son Reese.  Sadly, Tony passed away in November 2020. Tony Bose knives are very difficult to acquire.  Most of the knives below represent his work with Case.  Please visit the Great Eastern Cutlery Page as well!

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