Camillus Cutlery Co. was started by Adolf Kastor, who began in the knife business by importing German cutlery to the United States.  In 1902, Kastor began making knives in a small factory he had purchased in the town of Camillus, NY.  By 1910, Camillus Cut Co had 200 employees and had introduced the Sword Brand and Clover brand.  The earliest Camillus tang stamp feature the word “Camillus” in a distinctive arch over Cutlery Co New York.  These knives date from 1902 until about 1915 or so.  From about 1916 – 1946, the Camillus tang stamp read “Camillus Cutlery. Co. Camillus, NY USA.”  This is referred to as the four line stamp as the words were chopped up into four lines.  Camillus was a major supplier of pocket knives and straight knives to the allied war effort during WWII, producing TL-29 electricians knives, engineers knives and Mark 2 fighting knives as well.  During their history, Camillus made knives for Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co, Simmons Hardware and others.  Check out the rare vintage knives page as well.

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