Some of the most collectible vintage knives were made by the Robeson Cutlery Co of Rochester, NY and featured the Shuredge, Pocketeze, Mastercraft and Premier shields and tang stamps.  In 1894, Millard F. Robeson began making knives in Camillus, NY and soon moved to nearby Rochester, NY in 1898.  The factory in Camillus was sold to Adolf Kastor and soon became the successful Camillus Cutlery Co.  The famous Shuredge trademark was registered in 1901.

Robeson MasterCraft pocket knife
Robeson MasterCraft 623665 Easy Open Jack

Tangs were marked with the Shuredge (in script) until 1948.  Pocketeze knives were popular with customers as the back of the blade near the tang fell below the liners and reduced pocket wear.  Check out my vintage Case XX Knives page and my Ulster Knife Co page as well.

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