Cattaraugus boy scout knife
FOR SALE: Cattaraugus Whitt-L-Kraft Boy Scout Knife

Vintage scout knives are highly sought after by collectors and are fun to collect. Perhaps they remind us of our fist pocket knife or our time as a Scout.  They became popular in the 1920’s when the New York Knife Co and Remington began to sell officially licensed Boy Scouts of America knives.  In the 1930’s, the “Whitt-L-Kraft” scout knife was made by Cattaraugus Culery Co.  Most boy scout knives featured the boy scout logo and the “Be Prepared” motto.  These practical knives typically offered a spear point blade, a can opener, cap lifter and leather awl or punch blade. More seldom seen versions of these knives featured an easy opener slot, a sheepsfoot blade and pen blade.  These companies, especially Ulster Dwight Divine, made a slightly smaller version of these knives for the Girl Scouts.  Check out this website, a great reference for vintage scout knives.

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