The Great Eastern Cutlery Company out of Titusville, PA continues to make wonderful traditional pocket knives; many could pass for knives found in a hardware store in 1905!  One of their most popular patterns is the traditional pattern:  the barlow knife.  This pattern, famous for its large iron (typically) bolster on one side is usually stamped with a logo or other decoration.  Originally made in Sheffield in the 1600s, this simple pocket knife stood the test of time and became popular in the United States in the late 1800s.  GEC, with the help of Charlie Campagna and his special factory orders, has recently issued many variations of the barlow.  They include the #15 Tidioute Cutlery Barlow, Sawyer Ancient Barlow and #25 Little Jack Barlow!  Spear, clip point, sheepsfoot, lambsfoot blades are all featured.  Handle materials include sepia saw cut bone, jigged peach seed bone, scratted (scored) parchment bone, natural linen micarta, rough sawn osage wood, genuine stag, glitter gold acrylic and more!  Great Eastern Cutlery barlow knives continue to be gain popularity among knife collectors.

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