A.G. Russell was born in 1933 in Eudora, Arkansas and began making knives at age 9 and began selling them in the 1960’s.  In addition to producing beautiful and useful knives, A.G. Russell was able to reach knife collectors across the United States by creating a mail order catalog featuring his knives as well as a few others a few other makers.  He also was able to unify knife collectors and makers by founding the Knife Collectors Club and Knife Makers Guild in 1970.  In 1971, A.G. Russell began making Morseth knives in Springdale Arkansas after acquiring the corporation from Gordon Morseth. His wife Goldie Russell joined the business in the 1980’s and eventually became the president and chief executive officer.  She still runs the business today.  Some of the collectible A.G. Russell knives to look out for include the Sting Boot, the Chute knife and Bowie knife.   A.G. Russell passed away at the age of 85 in 2018.  Check out R.W. Loveless and Ruana knives as well!

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