Bulldog Brand knives began in 1978 when Charlie Dorton contracted the Olbertz Factory in Solingen, Germany to manufacture pocket knives.  There have been several “generations” of Bulldog Brand knives that have been produced.  The first generation spanned from 1978-1987 and were made in 32 different patterns.  They feature a fighting dog tang stamp and are generally the most valuable of the Bulldog Brand knives.  Jim Parker was involved with subsequent generations of Bulldog knives while the most recent have been made by Great Eastern Cutlery.  Collectible patterns include the Tenessee Razor Tobacco Barlow, Elephant Toe, Sowbelly, Whittler and Gunstock jacks featuring stag, bone and pearl handles.  Check out the Fight’n Rooster knives page and the Eye Brand knives page as well.

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