1920-40 marks a period of very high quality pocket knives and ingenuity for the Case brand.  Many of the patterns that would thrive into the next 50 years would come from this most important era in the company’s history.  The “Tested XX” trademark was officially registered in 1905 by Jean Case of the Case Brothers Cutlery Co of Springille, N.Y.  In 1914, Jean sold the rights of the Tested XX trademark to J. Russell Case of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co for the sum of $1500.

The stamp from the 1920-40 era features a large circle C that extends underneath the “ASE” in Case.  Underneath this were the words, “Tested XX.”  The shields on the handles from the Tested era feature a “closed” C in the word Case.  After 1940, most of the shields had an “open” C. The bone and stag handles from this era are remarkably striking as well.  These Case Tested XX pocket knives are scarce and highly sought after by collectors today including the large cigar, large stockman and large congress knife.  Check out my Case knives page and Remington knives page as well.

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