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some different handle materials

Pocket knives have been a part of many of our lives for years.  Most remember their grandfather, father or other relative using their trusty old pocket knife on a daily basis.  It was an exciting day when we were able to get our first pocket knife, whether it was handed down from a family member or saving our allowances to acquire it.  Now that we are older we remember those days as the time that started our passion for collecting knives.

Pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes, blade shapes and handle materials.  The cattle knife, canoe, swell center and whittler are just a few of the patterns that are collectible today.  The most popular brand to collect today are Case knives, but many companies produced fine cutlery. These include Winchester, Remington, Western States, Schrade, Challenge Cutlery Co, among others.  Check out this video for an introduction to some knife terminology.