Miller bros pocket knife
Screws in handle Miller Bros

Miller Brothers began in 1863 when brothers George and William established their facility in Yalesville and Wallingford, Connecticut.  They later moved to nearby Meriden in 1872.  If you take a look on google maps and zoom out from these cities, you will notice you are in the mecca of New England pocket knife production in the 19th century with cities like Southington, Waterbury, Thomaston, New Britian, and Naugatuck only a quick drive away.  One distinguishing characteristics of some Miller Bros knives are the screws that fasten the scales to the handles.  Knives with screws in the handles were first produced in 1870 and are particularly sought after and valuable.  In addition, Miller Brothers supplied many knives to the US Navy during the Spanish American War (1898) and World War I.   Miller Brothers stopped making pocket knives around 1926.  Please check out the Holley Mfg Co pages and Waterville Mfg Co. knives as well.

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