The Gerber Paul Model 2P folding knife is a highly sought after knife with an interesting and smooth mechanism.  Originally designed by Paul W. Poehlmann in 1976, these knives were produced in their fist run of about 77,000 until 1986.  The Model 2P was an all stainless steel design and featured the “Axial Locking Mechanism.”  This one hand opening mechanism works to open the blade by the pull of gravity when adjusted correctly.  Reintroduced in 1996, the Series II was prematurely shut down (only 23,000 produced) due to escalating production costs.  In addition to the stainless Gerber Paul Model 2P Knife, Gerber also released the model 2PM (micarta handle) and the 2PW (wood handle).  Gerber was originally founded by Joseph R. Gerber in 1939 in Portland, Oregon USA, where all Gerber products are still designed and engineered.  At one point, legendary custom knife maker R.W. Loveless worked as head designer.  Check out vintage Gerber Mark II knives for sale as well.

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