George Wostenholm is one of the most influential and important manufacturers of cutlery in the world.  The firm began in 1785 in Sheffield, England, and soon registered its super popular I*XL trademark. In the 1830’s, Wostenholm began selling knives to the United States.  None of these knives were more popular than the famous bowie knives that were sold to men on the American frontier.  During a time in the 1850’s, Geo Wostenholm expanded their operation and employed more than 800 skilled labors to produce their pocket knives and other cutlery.  A variety of blade and tang stamps were used on George Wostenholm IXL knives, including:  Rockingham Works (c. 1810-1848), Washington Works (c.1848-1870’s), Wostenholm Celebrated Cutlery (1860’s-1890) and the word England was post 1890.  Check out the vintage Case XX page and the Remington page as well.

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