These rare vintage knives include Case, Remington, Winchester and more.  In addition, I have included some 19th century bowie knives and the top custom knife manufactures of the 20th century:  R.W Loveless, Scagel and Randall.

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These rare vintage knives are priced near $500 and up.  They are centerpieces of our collections; the ones that we hope will continue to gain in value over time.  Many are early Case (Case Brothers, WR Case, Tested XX & XX) but some are Remington, Winchester and Sheffield folding Bowie knives.  These knives are either exceptionally rare or in great shape. Most are both.  Many of the knife blades have the original factory finish while others have been cleaned to remove rust and prevent more in the future.  Still others have an untouched patina on the blades that 100+ years will add to a metal surface.

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