Three Pal pocket knives - bone handles
Pal pocket knives with bone handles

Pal Blade Company began in 1935 when the Mailman brothers opened a razor business.  In 1939, they took a huge leap in the business when Pal Blade Co purchased the Remington Cutlery plant and the operation was moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts.  During this early phase of the company, many pocket knives are found with a combination of Pal Blade Co. and Remington blades.  Some are even found with the characteristic acorn shields and pattern numbers that Remington used.  These knives are referred to as Pal/Remington transition knives and date from approximately 1941-1945.  Later on, the blade stamp transitioned to Pal Cutlery Co and production ceased in the early 1950’s. Pocket knives, including the popular muskrat, stockman, easy opener, and scout patterns were known for their match striker pulls and beautiful jigged bone.  Pal also supplied numerous fighting knives to the US Military during WWII including the RH 36, M2, M3, M8 straight knives.  Check out the Remington knives page and the Case Tested XX knives page as well.