I am a high school teacher by trade but I have collected pocket knives since I was a teenager. I enjoy buying, selling and collecting knives and have been active on eBay since 2001 (Oldstuff79).  Collecting Case knives and early New England makers (Holley, Southington, etc.) is a passion of mine.

I Buy Knives & Entire Collections

If you are interested in selling your old knives, let me know in the form below.  Many people inherit knife collections from a relative and do not know what to do with them.  Most people don’t want the trouble of breaking up the collection and selling the knives individually.  I buy entire collections and individual knives!  I am especially interested in old Case XX, Marbles, Remington, Randall knives and many more.


Jesse recently purchased a knife collection from me.  He’s a great guy to do business with.  We exchanged emails and pictures and he made me a fair offer and sent a check immediately.  Transaction was fast, simple and easy… he’s highly recommended.

– Bruce (Oklahoma)

Briefly describe your knives or knife below and I will get back to you.

Have a question about a knife?  Describe it in the form above and I will do my best to tell you something interesting about it!  I will write you back and then you can simply attach a picture of your knife / knives in an email.

I am interested in buying your knives or knife collections including, but not limited to:

  1. Pocket Knives – makers include Remington, Case XX, , Holley, Waterville, Platts, Challenge, Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett, Cattaraugus, KA-BAR, Miller Bros, Maher & Grosh, Great Eastern Cutlery Co, Northwoods, Camillus, Winchester, Keen Kutter, Robeson, Ulster, Western States and many more!
  2. Straight or Hunting Knives – makers include Marbles, Randall, Ruana, Olsen, Puma, Olsen, Bob Loveless, Scagel, and more.
  3. Bowie Knives – Sheffield makers including George Wostenholm, Samuel C. Wragg, Joseph Rodgers, Edward Barnes, Michael Price and more.

You or your loved one spent many years collecting and taking care of their knives so you deserve to deal with someone who will treat you with respect and pay top dollar for the knives.  Perhaps you are downsizing your collection to make some room for additional purchases.  Either way, I promise to get back to you via email in a timely manner.  Please let me know if you are interested in selling in the contact form above.  Once we make contact, sharing a picture or two of the knives of the collection would be a helpful next step.     – Jesse