The history of Kissing Crane knives goes back to 1834 in cutlery capital of Solingen, Germany.  This is where a scissors maker, Peter Daniels Pauls married the daughter of a pen knife maker.  Soon Pauls began exporting his own pen knives to the United States and the rest, as they say, it history!  Eventually, Frederich Robert Klaas married into the family and in 1869, the Robert Klaas Company was formed. During this period, knife production grew and the famous Kissing Crane logo was eventually registered as a trademark in 1895.  During the 1980’s, there was a revival in the demand for German made knives and many high quality knives were imported during this time.  Kissing Crane are known for their stiletto, congress, trapper, whittler pattern pocket knives and examples in genuine stag are particularly collectible.  Check out Bulldog Brand and J.A. Henckels knives as well.

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