The Victorinox “Swiss Army Knife” is one of the most recognizable pocket knives in the world; from the red handles to the cross and shield emblem.  Karl Elsener, founder of Victorinox, began supplying knives to soldiers of the Swiss Army in 1891 (Soldier’s Knife) and eventually produced the Swiss Officer and Sports Knife in 1897.  Victorinox is a combination of two words; Elsener’s mother Victoria (Victor) and the word for stainless steel (Inox).  The Swiss Army Knife became popular in the United States when GI’s returning from WWII brought them back as souvenirs.  In order to establish a date for a Swiss Army Knife,  tang stamps, rivets, blade styles and more must be considered.  Highly sought after Vintage Victorinox Swiss Army Knives include the following models:  Pioneer, Swisschamp, Farmer, Elinox Pioneer, Tourist, Fisherman, Seaman, Camper, and knives issued for VSAKCS.  Check out more old pocket knives as well!

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