Vintage pocket knives marked Schrade Cut Co, Schrade Walden, Old Timer and Uncle Henry are highly collectible and sought after by collectors.  The story of Schrade knives begins in the 1890’s when George Schrade began working with the Walden Knife Co. who manufactured their press button knives (Press Button Knife Co).  In 1904 George, William and Louis Schrade established their own knife making plant in Walden, New York.  In 1946, the company became Schrade Walden Knife Corporation when the Imperial Knife Associated Companies purchased a controlling stake.  Knives produced during this time were of high quality but sold at a price that most consumers could afford.  When you are finished checking out Schrade Cut Co knives, visit my Ulster Knife Co and Remington pages.  I appreciate any traffic from these links as I earn commission from eBay when an item is purchased, at no extra cost to you.

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Tang Stamps:

  • Schrade (arch) Cut Co Walden NY (1904-1917)
  • Schrade (straight) Cut Co Walden NY (1917-1946)
  • Schrade Walden NY USA” (c.1947-1973)
  • Schrade USA followed by a pattern number (1974-2004).