Rogers Congress Knives
Early Rogers Congress Knives

Congress knives date back to the early to mid 19th century.  The handles on these knives are like an equal end pen knife with an upward curve in the middle.  Most of these knives have four blades but I have seem some two blade and whittler patterns.  There are some congress knives that are referred to as Tobacco knives which is usually stamped on the main blade.  Sheepsfoot, pen and nail file blades are usually seen on these knives.  These knives were a bit fancier then other patterns and usually feature pearl, stag and bone handles.  The Case XX models with bone (6488) and stag (5488) stag handles are very collectible.  Check out the following knife patterns as well:  Gunstock knives and WhittlersI appreciate any traffic from the following links as I earn a commission when an item is purchased, at no extra cost to you.