The story of Buck knives begins in 1945 when H.H. Buck started producing straight knives in San Diego California.  Buck knives gained popularity when the iconic Model 110 folding hunter was introduced in 1963.  The Model 110 had modern lines, its own belt sheath and a strong and sturdy frame.  When locked open, it was nearly as sturdy as a fixed blade.  This knife featured die-cast brass handles, wood slab handles and a large clip blade. is an awesome site to learn about the 110 Folding Hunter.  In addition, the Buck 112 Ranger was introduced in 1969 and is very collectible as well.  Straight knives such as the 122 NEMO, General 120, 119 Special, Pathfinder 105 and Woodsman 102 are also sought after by collectors.  Check out my Puma knives and Case knives pages as well.  I appreciate any traffic from these links as I earn a commission when an item is purchased, at no extra cost to you. THANK YOU!!! – Jesse,