Bo Randall with his knives
Bo Randall w/ his knives, courtesy of Worthpoint.

The story of Randall Knives is one you may have heard before.  In the 1930’s, W.D. “Bo” Randall saw a man using a knife to scrape the paint from a boat on the shores of Walloon Lake in Michigan.  This extraordinarily durable knife that held up to this abuse was a Scagel and the man could not be influenced to sell or trade for it.  As a result, W.D. Randall was inspired to try knife making on his own!   This challenge turned into a hobby which by WWII turned into a very productive business in Orlando, Florida.  W.D. Randall became one of the most influential knife makers of the 20th century, aspiring to make “knives that were simple in design but very functional.”  The surviving specimens of this early era are truly works of art and are highly sought after by collectors. Some of the most popular knives include the Model 3 – Hunter, Model 2 – Fighting Stiletto, Model 8 – Trout and Bird knife, Model 12 – Sportsman Bowie, Model 14 – Attack and Model 16 – Diver.   Check out the Bob Loveless knives page as well.

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