Peña knives are crafted with precision, use and aesthetics in mind.  Enrique Peña, from Laredo, Texas, began his knife making career like so many before him by fashioning an old file into a fixed blade knife.  Along the way, he learned new skills from others and began making slip joint knives.  Although Peña focuses on tactical knives, he still produces traditional folders that blend the old styles with the modern.  For example, some of his knives have traditional shields and pulls that are found on classic pocket knives of long ago!  Some of the popular patterns include the Lanny’s Clip, Raptor slip joint, custom Zulu, Trapper, Swayback, and Barlow front flippers.  Pena custom knives are works of art!  Please check out the Mick Strider and rare Spyderco knives pages as well.

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