Ontario Knife Company USA (Made by Queen)

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You are never done learning because life never stops teaching.”  This has been especially true for me while running this website.  Over the years I have met a lot of great people and have acquired knives I was unfamiliar with along the way.  This week I purchased a collection that had many Ontario Knife Co knives.  This was a brand I had seen over the years but had never taken the time to learn about.  Here is what I found…

Ontario Knife Company goes way back but the details of its early existence are kind of murky.  The company was founded in Naples, NY which is located in Ontario County.  They seem to be involved in mostly kitchen knives and military straight knives during the earlier part of their history.  Ontario Knife Co was acquired by a company out of Buffalo, NY called Servotronics in the late 1960s.  About the same time, Servotronics acquired Queen Cutlery Co, a well established cutler who had been making pocket and hunting knives for many decades.  The Queen factory began making pocket knives stamped Ontario Knife (O and K overlapping trade mark) on the tangs.

Ontario Knives
Lots of variety…

This collection features many different patterns of varying quality and states of use.  Every pocket knife features imitation wood (delrin) handles with the stamp “Old (R) Hickory“.  They almost have an Old Timer (made by Schrade) feel about them.

As far as pocket knives, there were three different sized stockman.  Some had a pen blade for the third blade while others had a spey blade and one even had a leather punch.  There was also a small jack knife pattern.

Ontario Stockman knives
Three different stockman knives


There was a group of six pen knives.  A few of those celebrated Ontario Knife Co’s 100th Anniversary in 1989 while one had a Queen Cutlery Co tang stamp.  Very solid evidence that these knives where made by Queen.

Ontario Queen pen knives
Pen knives – note the Queen tang stamp of top knife

Other patterns included a Barlow with integrated bolsters, liners and backsprings as well as a folding hunter clasp knife with leather pouch.

Ontario Knife Folding Hunter
Folding Hunter – Ontario Knife Co
Ontario Knife Co Barlow
Barlow – Ontario Knife Co


The seller also provided several original pocket knife boxes.  They are in pretty decent condition considering their age.  There were two different sizes that were included and had the model number included on the end.

Old Hickory Pocket Knife Boxes - Ontario Knife Co
Old Hickory Pocket Knife Boxes – Ontario Knife Co

There was also a group of straight knives include in this collection.  There were three Mark 1 knives…knives originally designed for military use that became very popular during WWII.  Mark 1 knives were used for utility purposes and fighting if necessary.  They featured a brass butt cap and guard and stacked leather washer handles.  Overall they are not so different from the specs of a hunting knife.

Mark 1 Ontario Knife Co
Mark 1 – Ontario Knife Co

In addition there was also a Parachutist knife.  These knives were originally used by trainees at Marine jump schools during WWII to cut tangled parachutes and equipment when necessary.  Handles are also made of stacked leather washers and feature a brass butt cap and guard.  The front tang is stamped Ontario USA and the reverse is stamped Parachutist USMC-94.  I am assuming 94 refers to date of issue, 1994.

Parachutist Knife
Parachutist Knife – Ontario Knife Co

Pretty interesting group of knives.  As they say, “you learn something new everyday.”  Happy Collecting!

Ontario Knife Collection
Entire collection of Ontario Knives

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