Yes, its true!  Purchase a Loveless Knife from this page and you will receive a $50 eBay gift card.

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  • Make sure to click on a link from the Loveless Knives page when you make your purchase.
  • Make sure your Cookies are turned on so I will receive credit for the purchase.
  • Fill out the form below once you have made the purchase:
  • Once we have made contact with each other I will ask for a proof of purchase from eBay:  a simple screenshot or forward me the email that shows the purchase.
    • feel free to edit out any sensitive info.
  • Once I receive confirmation of a purchase through eBay, I will send out your gift card.
    • if you would like another type of gift card besides eBay, just let me know!

By sending you the gift card, I am sharing in the commission issued from the eBay partner network.  Therefor, it is very important that your browser not block Cookies.  If I do not receive the comission, then I cannot share the gift card with you.  Thank you.     – Jesse