A Cigar Box Full of Old Pocket Knives

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I purchased a cigar box of knives recently and wanted to share some of the highlights!  I purchased the knives from a woman who had inherited them when her father passed away.  He loved to whittle and the knives showed evidence of this! The blades were shaped and sharpened in a way that would best assist a whittler.

Below is the YouTube video that goes into greater detail of the contents of this collection.  I plan to keep a couple of the knives and sell the rest of them.

This collection tells a story as the owner accumulated these knives over time and used them to create whittled artifacts or to simply pass the time away.  I hope you enjoy these knives!

The first knife that I took out was the Kabar 1184 folding clasp knife hunter.  It features stagalon handles and a clip blade as well as a skinning blade.  This beefy knife measures 5 1/4″ closed and has brass liners and nickel silver bolsters.

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The next knife is a 1970s Camillus Wildlife Series jumbo trapper.  This knife features a Buck badge and measures 4 3/8” closed.  The blades have good snap and half stops and show some sharpening. Blade etch still visible.  The handles are made of jigged Delrin handles and showed some nice smooth pocket wear.

The next knife is a CASE XX Stainless USA 5347 HPS Stag Stockman.  This stamp dates from 1965 – 69.  This knife measures 3 7/8” closed and features nickel silver bolsters, liners, pins and shield. The stainless blades show some sharpening and use. The genuine stag handles are in wonderful condition.  All three blades have a good snap.  I really like this knife!

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The next knife spent a lot of time in someone’s pocket (and also outside of their pocket as well!)  This is a BOKER USA large congress (model 5974) pattern.  The jigged bone handle is pocket worn and is crack and chip free.  This knife measures 4 1/8″ closed. One interesting feature of this knife is that the blades do not show any markings, but were most likely were stamped Boker USA at some point. Very nice nickel silver shield stamped with the makers mark.  The blades show much use and tarnish, but still have snap. A very neat old knife!

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Here is a Craftsman USA stockman knife commemorating Sears 100th anniversary. This knife was made in 1986 for Sears by Camillus. The bolsters are nickel silver and the liners are brass. The blades have good snap and show some sharpening and use but overall this knife is in great shape. This knife is just shy of 4″ closed. The handles are a checkered composite.  I really like this stockman pattern and find the 100 Sears shield to be attractive!

Below is a Queen Cutlery four blade congress knife with winterbottom bone handles.  This knife was made c. 1950 and the two larger blades feature a sideways Q (Queen) on the tang stamp.  The knife measures just over 4” closed and has nickel silver bolsters with brass liners.

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The next knife is a Case XX USA 3 Dot 6318 HP SS P Stockman with dark jigged bone handles.  This stamp indicates the knife was made in 1977.  The blades have good snap and show sharpening and use. The dark bone handles are in very nice shape. The knife features nickel silver bolsters liners and pins. Nice solid old knife.

The next knife is a BUCK 307 Wrangler stockman with black composition handles.  This is an earlier model 307 due to the stamp, long pull on the clip blade and lack of handle rivets.  “Made is the USA” on the front and the model 307 on the back of the tang represents an early knife made during the 1967 – 1974 time frame.  These knives were made for Buck on contract by Camillus (NY).  This large stockman is a handful, coming in at 4 1/4″ closed.

Here are two 1970s Case XX USA knives, one is a jack and the other is a stockman.  Both have nice jigged delrin handles. The 2 blade jackknife appears to have 9 dots (1971) while the stockman appears to have 8 dots (1972). Both knives measure 3 3/8” closedthe blades have snap.

Very neat old swing guard, lockback knife made in Japan. I am guessing this knife was made in the 1970s or early 80s.  The knife measures 5 1/2” closed.  The blade is the stamped “Stainless Steel Japan” and has good snap. The tip of the blade has a slight amount of peak when closed.  The wooden handles are in excellent condition and show the remnants of an animal (fox or wolf) stamp.  A neat old knife!

Here is an antique Remington cigar box opener pocket knife. The notch tool at the end of the knife was used to pry off the small nails in order to open the box. This knife measures 3 11/16” closed and features metal (nickel silver) handles. The knife shows use and wear as seen in the pictures.  These cigar box opener tools are not seen very often!

There were some other knives but I thought I would share the highlights.  Below is a picture of the entire collection.  My daughter Elsie and I had a good time going through the cigar box and looking for treasures.  I hope you enjoyed these knives… below is a picture of the entire collection.

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