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Silver Tier – Knife Promotion


  • your knife (one item) is added to the existing Best of eBay page (auction or buy it now).

IMPORTANT – Please submit the following form before adding to cart and purchasing.  Add multiple to cart for multiple items (just make sure to include all links).




I can offer you more visibility and the chance for more bids and offers on your auctions and buy it now knives.  For a small fee, you can add your current / upcoming knives to my Best of eBay Auction and / or Buy It Now Page.  Purchase of this product will get your knife added to the Best of eBay page (auction or buy it now).

Once you pay and send the information I will get the item on the website that same day, usually in less than an hour.

Contact me early on in your auction!  The longer you have the knife on my website, the more exposure it will get!

Price is per auction